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Geek gift ideas under $100 (2009 holiday season)

Looking for the perfect geek gift idea for under $100 for the 2009 holiday season? Look no further.

Once again I've gone through hundreds of items and found my personal favorite geek gifts for the 2009 holiday season, this time looking at the "$100 or less" category, and I've collected 12 of them here.

Geek gifts - the world's most expensive pen?

A few days ago a friend and I were talking about gifts for geeks, and she told me about a "smart pen" from a company named Livescribe. When I went to their website and looked at the Livescribe pen, I originally saw the price as $24.95, and I thought wow, that's a pretty good deal; you must have to buy their paper refills, and that's probably where they make all their money.

After that, I had a very good laugh.