The Mac Finder new folder keystroke command

macOS Finder FAQ: How do I create a new Mac Finder folder using the keyboard? (Or, What is the Mac Finder new folder keystroke or keyboard command?)

To create a new folder in the Mac Finder using the keyboard:

  1. Make sure you're in the folder/directory where you want to create a new folder, then
  2. Press the [Command][Shift][n] keystoke

This Finder keyboard command creates a new Finder folder in the current directory with a name like “Untitled folder.” Keyboard focus is on that new folder, so you can easily give the folder a new name right away.

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Note that if you want to delete this new Finder folder, you can delete it by pressing the [Command][Delete] keystroke, as discussed in my "How to delete Mac Finder files and folders using the keyboard" article.

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I've found that I have to pay real attention to what folder is currently selected in the Finder, because this command will create a sub-folder beneath whatever folder is selected. For instance, if a folder named


is selected in the Finder and I use this keystroke, the new "untitled folder" will be created properly under the Pictures folder. This also works if I have a file selected in the Pictures folder, an "untitled folder" will again be created in the Pictures folder.

If it doesn't work for you that way, then I'd say there's a bug of some sort. Good luck!

Okay, I just dug into this some more, and this seems to be a bug in the Mac Finder "list view", which is currently the second "view" that Apple offers with the Mac Finder. I didn't even think about testing the different views until I was just doing something related to this.

While this keystroke doesn't work in that Finder view, it does seem to work properly in the other Finder views, at least on my Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) system.