Sold half my Apple (AAPL) stock

For better or worse, I sold half of my Apple stock this morning. I bought the stock earlier this year around $85, and it's currently at $165. Last week it was at $187, and I thought "I need to put in a sell order around $175" in case it went down, and sure enough it lost $23 while I wasn't paying attention. So this morning I sold off enough to cover my initial investment, and I'm leaving the rest in AAPL for the long term.

Product review: still happy with iMovie '08

In an earlier post I wrote that my first impression of iMovie '08 was very positive, and now I'll add that my longer-term impression is also very favorable. I've created several short vacation-oriented movies so far, and I've been able to add movie clips, pictures, voiceovers, and sound effects without ever having to read a manual (which is really great, since I had never created a movie before).

Mac - VoodooPad review

VoodooPad is a really interesting application for Mac OS X users. As stand-alone applications go I don't know any good comparisons. But when you compare it to web applications it's easy to say, "Oh, it's a wiki." But really, it's a personal, one-user wiki, written as a fat client instead of a web application, with a few extra features thrown in for good measure.

Microsoft FrontPage (product review)

After all these years -- and despite some of the bad things I've written about Microsoft and Windows in the past -- and all the people that laugh at me for using it, FrontPage is still my favorite HTML WYSIWYG editor.

Mac iMovie '08 - first impressions

I know that a lot of people who used previous versions of iMovie don't like iMovie '08, but as someone just getting started in creating and editing videos, I find it to be very easy to use, and seems to work the way I think. Step 1, load my video files. Step 2, extract clips from existing videos to create the desired video, add effects, etc.

A Mac Olympus DS-30 review

Mac Olympus DS-30 review: Here's my quick take on the Olympus DS-30, from the perspective of a Mac user.

If anyone is looking at an Olympus DS-30 voice recorder, and wondering if it will work with Mac OS X (in particular for making podcasts), the answer is both yes and no (with a little extra emphasis on the "no").

Wed, Aug 9, 2006 (Poor quality of the Targus Chill Pad)

While the Targus Chill Pad is a great idea, it is the worst manufactured piece of equipment I can ever recall using. I really can't remember buying anything that was made with such poor quality.

The rubber pads on the top of the Chill Pad constantly fall out. I've tried glueing them in to keep them in, and after the fourth attempt they seem to be staying in.