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“Your password is too similar to a previous one” alvin October 12, 2016 - 3:26pm

I don’t know too much about salting, hashing, and encryption, but it always upsets me when I see a “Your password is too similar to a previous one” message like this, because I assumed that whoever was showing this message was storing my passwords as plain text somewhere. This thread on Twitter, started by Anna Filina, addresses this topic.

Converting PDF content to plain text with Scala (or Java)

I recently wrote a little application to convert pages from a PDF to plain text. The GUI portion of the application looks like this:

As you can see, the application just needs the name of a PDF file to convert, along with the page you want to start at and the page you want to end at. There are several ways I could make the application more convenient to use, but since I don't plan to use it that often, I can deal with its limitations.

How to display the contents of a gzip/gz file

Problem: You have a plain text file that has been compressed with the gzip command, and you'd like to display the file contents with the Unix/Linux cat or more commands.

Solution: Instead of using the cat or more commands, use their equivalents for working with gz files, the zcat and zmore commands.

A review of five free text editors for Mac OS X (Part 3)


jEdit is an open source Java-based text editor that has been around for years. On the positive side it's free, reasonably quick, and most importantly, it has a ton of third-party plugins. All those plugins are what keeps me coming back to look at jEdit from time to time.