The three things a Business Analyst should think about during meetings

When it comes to working as a business analyst, I’ve learned that there are just three things you need to keep in your mind when meeting with your customers (the project sponsor (gold owner) and domain experts (“goal donors”)) to gather requirements. These three thoughts will keep your meeting on track, lead you to the next question, and will help you know when your work is done.

Seven benefits of automated GUI testing

Table of Contents1 - Benefits of automated GUI testing2 - Keys to automated GUI testing and continuous integration3 - Beware automated GUI testing software sales pitches and recorders

Introduction: I first wrote this article about automated GUI testing many years ago, but I find that it still holds today.

I just wrote most of the following note on the Apple Mac Java-dev mailing list, and I'd like to share it here as well, because I think it captures my thoughts on the benefits of automated GUI testing and GUI testing software.

I ran automated GUI tests part-time (4-6 hours per week) on a project with 8-12 developers, and saw some good benefits. True, in the 80/20 rule, 80% of the problems were due to UI changes and communication, like “We forgot to tell you we split the Name field into First Name and Last Name,” but with a good automated GUI testing tool, one test may fail, but the rest of the automated GUI test suite keeps running (see Fowler’s continuous integration). Furthermore, with a good GUI testing tool, something like this is also a minor change to get the test running again.

ScalaCheck custom generator examples

Table of Contents1 - Custom generators2 - Built-in ScalaCheck generators3 - How to use ScalaCheck generators4 - More ScalaCheck generators

Writing custom generators for ScalaCheck can be one of the more difficult and/or time-consuming parts of using it. As a result I thought I’d start putting together a list of generators that I have written or seen elsewhere. Unfortunately I can’t credit all the ones I’ve seen in other places because I google’d and copied them many moons ago, but I’ll give credit/attribution to all the ones I can.

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Custom generators

This is a combination of generators I wrote, and some that I copied from other places and may have modified a little:

Software development process standard operating procedures alvin May 8, 2018 - 7:16pm

Some long time ago I was working on a large software development project, and I wasn’t happy with either the quality or the velocity of our programming effort. So one night I sat down and tried to work out an activity diagram to show what our software development process needed to be, to improve both speed and quality. It turns out that a lot of this is just common sense, but for some reason or another team members would try to circumvent the process, which always led to more pain for everyone involved.

One thing a business analyst should ask about any requirement

As a business analyst (or any person interested in writing software requirements and quality), there is one thing you should always ask yourself whenever you write a business requirement:

Is this software requirement testable?

I’ve seen some business analysts write some crazy things and call them requirements, but IMHO, if you can’t test it, it’s not a requirement.

Software testing - frame of mind

I was reading a book recently and I ran across the following quote, which I think comes from Bruce Tate:

Think of a unit test as another client of your application.

That resonates for me on many levels, and it's a great way to think about test code. I also like the following quote, but that may be because I said it:

I know this code is wrong because I can't test it.

Yours in unit testing. ;)


Java programming best practices - Create interfaces for your Dao classes alvin August 4, 2011 - 3:13pm

One Java programming "best practice" that has been strongly reinforced for me during the last several weeks is making sure you have a declared interface that defines the behavior (signature) of your Dao (data access objects) classes.

Automated GUI testing tools - best practices

Automated GUI testing tools FAQ: I've read that you've done a lot of work with automated GUI testing tools, can you share some "lessons learned" about your automated GUI testing tools experience?

I'll come back and update this article from time to time as I run into more "lessons learned", but after writing my last article (Seven benefits of automated GUI testing), I also wanted to share these ideas on "Automated GUI testing best practices."

GUI testing of the Google Chrome browser

Yesterday I created a short YouTube video demonstration of "GUI regression tests" against the Google Chrome browser, using my Agile GUI Testing software. This video is a little more than two minutes long, and demonstrates some simple GUI regression tests on the Chrome browser, in the format of a presentation.

As mentioned, the Chrome browser tests shown in that video are completely automated, using my Agile GUI Testing software (AGT).