Sanctify Yourself

I was laying in bed last night, waiting to fall asleep, and the power went out. As I laid there thinking about how cold it would get, a gray telephone we had many years ago began ringing in the closet. I wondered what it was doing in there.

Instantly the scenery changed and I flashed back to an event I didn’t know about twelve years ago. As I observed it, it made me sad.

Then I kept going back in time, first to one event and then another.

Tina Turner performing the Peace Mantra

This is a video of Tina Turner — yes, that Tina Turner — and a bunch of young people performing the “Peace Mantra.” Great to hear her voice again, great video.

(If you happen to know my mom, you’ll notice that there’s a young girl near the end of the video that looks like her.)

NASA’s new High Dynamic Camera records rocket test

From the video notes: “This is footage of Orbital ATK’s QM-2 solid rocket booster test taken by NASA’s High Dynamic Range Stereo X (HiDyRS-X) camera. HiDyRS-X records high speed, high dynamic range footage in multiple exposures simultaneously for use in analyzing rocket engine tests. Traditional high speed video cameras are limited to shooting in one exposure at a time, but HiDyRS-X can record multiple high speed video exposures at once, combining them into a high dynamic range video that adequately exposes all areas of the video image for comprehensive analysis.”

The video doesn’t change much over the three minutes, so if you watch a few seconds of it you can see how it works. As an aerospace engineer who was most interested in propulsion, watching the rocket plume is cool.

Minding your mitochondria

Cliffnotes of this “Minding Your Mitochondria” TEDx talk:

- A doctor had a very active lifestyle
- She found out she had MS
- She quickly got worse and had to be in a wheelchair
- Things got worse, and she had to be in a zero-gravity chair
- The best modern medicines weren’t helping
- She started researching how to “care for her mitochondria”
- She started eating foods to support her mitochondria
- Three months later she was walking
- Two months after that she was riding a bike, horse-riding, etc.
- Five years later and she’s still walking

Morals: The food you eat has a dramatic effect on your health, and eating well can often be more important than medicine.

Song of the Day: Dreams, by Van Halen (Blue Angels)

Today’s song of the day is one of my favorite videos of all time, a song named Dreams, by Van Halen. The video reminds me of my work in the aerospace industry, and staying at Virginia Beach, where fighter jets often fly over your head. It also reminds me of one very fun summer.

If you ever see that I’ve used the number 5150 in a software project — such as using it instead of port 8888 for testing a web app — it’s a nod to the album this song is from.

Scary thought of the day

A scary thought for me is that as many as 138,664 people may have learned about the Unix/Linux vi editor by watching my old vi/vim tutorial on YouTube. That was one of the first video tutorials I ever created, and what I should have done is (a) never publish it, and (b) keep re-recording it until I got a lot better.

(I was reminded of this when YouTube sent me an email last night to congratulate me on having over 1,000 followers.)