GoDaddy web hosting v A2 Hosting - A web hosting comparison

GoDaddy web hosting versus A2 Hosting: While looking around for a private Git hosting service, I ran across a company named A2 Hosting, and I have to say, their hosting services have opened my eyes. For the last few years I've been using GoDaddy web hosting services for most of my web hosting needs, but if A2 Hosting is anywhere near as good as their documentation and service plans, a year from now they'll probably have all my web hosting business.

GoDaddy v A2 Hosting - Web hosting comparison

The best way to compare the A2 Hosting and GoDaddy web hosting services is with the usual comparison chart, so here's my comparison of these two web hosting services, at least in terms of my needs. Note that these web hosting comparisons are generally for the "shared" web hosting services of the two companies, unless otherwise noted.

  A2 Hosting GoDaddy
Insane User Interface - YES
Disk Space 50 GB 10 GB
Monthly Data Transfer 50 GB Unlimited
Periodic Server Backups YES -
Email Accounts Unlimited 100
SSH Access Yes Yes
CVS, SVN, and Git Hosting Yes -
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
MySQL Databases Unlimited 10
Postgres Databases Unlimited -
SQLite Databases Unlimited -
PHP5 Yes Yes
Java - -
Ruby, Rails YES -
Python YES -
Perl YES -

As you can see from many of those line items, A2 Hosting seems to be much more of a "developer friendly" web hosting company than GoDaddy is.

Other A2 Hosting and GoDaddy web hosting features

Next, from the perspective of a business person interested in starting a new web development business, here's a comparison of other GoDaddy and A2 Hosting web hosting services that are also very important to me:

  A2 Hosting GoDaddy
Insane User Interface - YES
Reseller Hosting Plans Yes Yes
Access to Raw Apache Log Files Yes Yes?
Client Billing Management Yes Yes

Honestly, I need to take a deeper look into how these two systems would work from the perspective of a web hosting reseller, but this isn't a great concern right now. I've had some problems with slowness on some of my GoDaddy websites, so I'd probably want to rent some dedicated servers rather than go with shared web hosting plans as a reseller, and getting all those details will probably take some phone calls.

A2 Hosting and GoDaddy web hosting comparison - Summary

In summary, when comparing A2 Hosting and GoDaddy web hosting plans, I currently lean towards A2 Hosting. The A2 Hosting web hosting plans seem more "developer friendly" than the GoDaddy web hosting plans, and if I didn't mention it, the GoDaddy user interface makes me want to jump out of my window every time I have to log in. (It is one of the worst user interfaces I have ever encountered, and I shudder when I think that I'd have to see more of it if I signed up to be a GoDaddy reseller.)

Followup: I've written more about my A2 Hosting experience in my A2 Hosting review (2010) article.

As a final statement in my GoDaddy - A2 Hosting webhosting comparison, my prediction right now is that a year from now I will have migrated all of my websites from GoDaddy to A2 Hosting. All I can say after that is check back a year from now and ask me how that went.