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The "WhileYouWereOut" applet


One of our developer's came up with the idea for the WhileYouWereOut applet one day when he got tired of seeing those pink "While You Were Out" pieces of paper on his desk when he returned to the office after a short trip. He thought "there must be a better way of doing this electronically". On that day this applet was born.

The WhileYouWereOut applet that you're about to see is an incomplete version of his original idea. Why incomplete? Because this applet is intended for use on intranets, not the Internet. There are so many different ways that you can connect this applet to your internal e-mail system or a database that we decided to do "none of the above". Instead, we've provided a skeleton that you can use however you like to connect to your own e-mail or database system.

This applet uses methods from Java JDK 1.0x, so it will run in almost all modern browsers.

Created with Visual Cafe

Another thing you'll notice about this applet (when you see the source code) is that it was created with Visual Cafe, and in particular, uses the Visual Cafe KeyPressManagerPanel component. We selected this component to make it easy to traverse the data-entry fields in the proper order. The only drawback is that you must have this component available for your system if you want to use this applet.

See it in action

You can see the WhileYouWereOut applet in action by clicking on the "Start" button below.

Internet Explorer users - some of the applet labels are not positioned correctly when using Explorer v3.x (we haven't tested v4.x). We haven't worried about making changes to accommodate Explorer because we use Netscape in-house. However, if you want to use this applet with Explorer, it will require a few label adjustments. Or, if you prefer, you can also modify the code to use Grid Bag's, which may correct the Explorer problem.

The source code

You can download the source code for this applet by clicking on the links below:

We're currently checking on the licensing requirements of the Visual Cafe source code. If possible, we'll make that code available very shortly.