Java developer jobs - current Java, Spring, JSF, and Struts jobs

I've worked with Java, JSF, Struts, and the Spring Framework over the last year, so out of curiosity I decided to look for Java programming jobs in these specific markets lately. Here are the results of my "Java developer" job market research, specifically looking at Java programming jobs related to JSF, Struts, and Spring.

Java Spring, Struts, and JSF developer jobs at CareerBuilder

Looking first at CareerBuilder, I searched for the Java developer keywords shown below, with the following results:

  • Java Spring - 426 job postings
  • Java Struts - 307 job postings
  • Java JSF - 122 job postings

If you're looking for a Java developer job/career, these are encouraging results. I'm not really surprised to see the results listed in that order, but I am a little surprised to see that there are almost three times as many "Struts jobs" as their are "JSF jobs". The Spring Framework is applicable to either Struts or JSF (or no MVC framework at all), so it's not surprising to see "Java Spring jobs" having more job openings than Struts or JSF.

More Java developer jobs information

Digging around a little more, I used a semi-secret URL for the website. DICE is essentially a contract programming shop, so I thought I'd see what they sort of Java developer jobs they had to offer. I searched for the following Java job descriptions, with the following results:

  • Java Spring - 1,623 job postings
  • Java Spring Framework - 777 job postings
  • Java Struts - 1,204 job postings
  • Java JSF - 383 job postings

I searched for "Java Spring" developer jobs twice because I was really surprised by how many Java contract developer jobs DICE has to offer. I didn't dig into it too hard, but I suspect the 1,623 jobs for Java Spring is probably right, or very close to right. I say that because if that number is correct, the ratios between Spring developer jobs, Struts jobs, and JSF jobs at DICE would be very similar to the ratios at CareerBuilder, which is what I would expect.

Either way, wow, I'm amazed at how many "Java developer jobs" are available these days. You'd think in the middle of a recession with over 10% employment there would be far fewer Java job opportunities, but these numbers are pleasantly surprising.

I'll try to come back here again soon and try to match these developer jobs up with some salary numbers, but at least for today, this is what I know about the Java developer job market.

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