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The Commons Net source code

 * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
 * contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
 * this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
 * The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
 * (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
 * the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.


import java.util.regex.Pattern;


 * This is the default implementation of the
 * FTPFileEntryParserFactory interface.  This is the
 * implementation that will be used by
 * if no other implementation has been specified.
 * @see
 * @see
public class DefaultFTPFileEntryParserFactory
    implements FTPFileEntryParserFactory

    // Match a plain Java Identifier
    private static final String JAVA_IDENTIFIER = "\\p{javaJavaIdentifierStart}(\\p{javaJavaIdentifierPart})*";
    // Match a qualified name, e.g. a.b.c.Name - but don't allow the default package as that would allow "VMS"/"UNIX" etc.
    private static final String JAVA_QUALIFIED_NAME  = "("+JAVA_IDENTIFIER+"\\.)+"+JAVA_IDENTIFIER;
    // Create the pattern, as it will be reused many times
    private static final Pattern JAVA_QUALIFIED_NAME_PATTERN = Pattern.compile(JAVA_QUALIFIED_NAME);

     * This default implementation of the FTPFileEntryParserFactory
     * interface works according to the following logic:
     * First it attempts to interpret the supplied key as a fully
     * qualified classname (default package is not allowed) of a class implementing the
     * FTPFileEntryParser interface.  If that succeeds, a parser
     * object of this class is instantiated and is returned;
     * otherwise it attempts to interpret the key as an identirier
     * commonly used by the FTP SYST command to identify systems.
     * <p/>
     * If <code>key is not recognized as a fully qualified
     * classname known to the system, this method will then attempt
     * to see whether it <b>contains a string identifying one of
     * the known parsers.  This comparison is <b>case-insensitive.
     * The intent here is where possible, to select as keys strings
     * which are returned by the SYST command on the systems which
     * the corresponding parser successfully parses.  This enables
     * this factory to be used in the auto-detection system.
     * <p/>
     * @param key    should be a fully qualified classname corresponding to
     *               a class implementing the FTPFileEntryParser interface<br/>
     *               OR<br/>
     *               a string containing (case-insensitively) one of the
     *               following keywords:
     *               <ul>
     *               <li>{@link FTPClientConfig#SYST_UNIX UNIX}
     *               <li>{@link FTPClientConfig#SYST_NT WINDOWS}
     *               <li>{@link FTPClientConfig#SYST_OS2 OS/2}
     *               <li>{@link FTPClientConfig#SYST_OS400 OS/400}
     *               <li>{@link FTPClientConfig#SYST_AS400 AS/400}
     *               <li>{@link FTPClientConfig#SYST_VMS VMS}
     *               <li>{@link FTPClientConfig#SYST_MVS MVS}
     *               <li>{@link FTPClientConfig#SYST_NETWARE NETWARE}
     *               <li>{@link FTPClientConfig#SYST_L8 TYPE:L8}
     *               </ul>
     * @return the FTPFileEntryParser corresponding to the supplied key.
     * @throws ParserInitializationException thrown if for any reason the factory cannot resolve
     *                   the supplied key into an FTPFileEntryParser.
     * @see FTPFileEntryParser
    public FTPFileEntryParser createFileEntryParser(String key)
        if (key == null)
            throw new ParserInitializationException("Parser key cannot be null");
        return createFileEntryParser(key, null);

    // Common method to process both key and config parameters.
    private FTPFileEntryParser createFileEntryParser(String key, FTPClientConfig config) {
        FTPFileEntryParser parser = null;

        // Is the key a possible class name?
        if (JAVA_QUALIFIED_NAME_PATTERN.matcher(key).matches()) {
                Class<?> parserClass = Class.forName(key);
                try {
                    parser = (FTPFileEntryParser) parserClass.newInstance();
                } catch (ClassCastException e) {
                    throw new ParserInitializationException(parserClass.getName()
                        + " does not implement the interface "
                        + "", e);
                } catch (Exception e) {
                    throw new ParserInitializationException("Error initializing parser", e);
                } catch (ExceptionInInitializerError e) {
                    throw new ParserInitializationException("Error initializing parser", e);
            } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
                // OK, assume it is an alias

        if (parser == null) { // Now try for aliases
            String ukey = key.toUpperCase(java.util.Locale.ENGLISH);
            if (ukey.indexOf(FTPClientConfig.SYST_UNIX) >= 0)
                parser = new UnixFTPEntryParser(config);
            else if (ukey.indexOf(FTPClientConfig.SYST_VMS) >= 0)
                parser = new VMSVersioningFTPEntryParser(config);
            else if (ukey.indexOf(FTPClientConfig.SYST_NT) >= 0)
                parser = createNTFTPEntryParser(config);
            else if (ukey.indexOf(FTPClientConfig.SYST_OS2) >= 0)
                parser = new OS2FTPEntryParser(config);
            else if (ukey.indexOf(FTPClientConfig.SYST_OS400) >= 0 ||
                    ukey.indexOf(FTPClientConfig.SYST_AS400) >= 0)
                parser = createOS400FTPEntryParser(config);
            else if (ukey.indexOf(FTPClientConfig.SYST_MVS) >= 0)
                parser = new MVSFTPEntryParser(); // Does not currently support config parameter
            else if (ukey.indexOf(FTPClientConfig.SYST_NETWARE) >= 0)
                parser = new NetwareFTPEntryParser(config);
            else if (ukey.indexOf(FTPClientConfig.SYST_L8) >= 0)
                // L8 normally means Unix, but move it to the end for some L8 systems that aren't.
                // This check should be last!
                parser = new UnixFTPEntryParser(config);
                throw new ParserInitializationException("Unknown parser type: " + key);

        if (parser instanceof Configurable) {
        return parser;

     * <p>Implementation extracts a key from the supplied
     * {@link  FTPClientConfig FTPClientConfig}
     * parameter and creates an object implementing the
     * interface FTPFileEntryParser and uses the supplied configuration
     * to configure it.
     * </p>

* Note that this method will generally not be called in scenarios * that call for autodetection of parser type but rather, for situations * where the user knows that the server uses a non-default configuration * and knows what that configuration is. * </p> * @param config A {@link FTPClientConfig FTPClientConfig} * used to configure the parser created * * @return the @link FTPFileEntryParser FTPFileEntryParser} so created. * @exception ParserInitializationException * Thrown on any exception in instantiation * @throws NullPointerException if {@code config} is {@code null} * @since 1.4 */ public FTPFileEntryParser createFileEntryParser(FTPClientConfig config) throws ParserInitializationException { String key = config.getServerSystemKey(); return createFileEntryParser(key, config); } public FTPFileEntryParser createUnixFTPEntryParser() { return new UnixFTPEntryParser(); } public FTPFileEntryParser createVMSVersioningFTPEntryParser() { return new VMSVersioningFTPEntryParser(); } public FTPFileEntryParser createNetwareFTPEntryParser() { return new NetwareFTPEntryParser(); } public FTPFileEntryParser createNTFTPEntryParser() { return createNTFTPEntryParser(null); } /** * Creates an NT FTP parser: if the config exists, and the system key equals * {@link FTPClientConfig.SYST_NT} then a plain {@link NTFTPEntryParser} is used, * otherwise a composite of {@link NTFTPEntryParser} and {@link UnixFTPEntryParser} is used. * @param config the config to use, may be {@code null} * @return the parser */ private FTPFileEntryParser createNTFTPEntryParser(FTPClientConfig config) { if (config != null && FTPClientConfig.SYST_NT.equals( config.getServerSystemKey())) { return new NTFTPEntryParser(config); } else { return new CompositeFileEntryParser(new FTPFileEntryParser[] { new NTFTPEntryParser(config), new UnixFTPEntryParser(config) }); } } public FTPFileEntryParser createOS2FTPEntryParser() { return new OS2FTPEntryParser(); } public FTPFileEntryParser createOS400FTPEntryParser() { return createOS400FTPEntryParser(null); } /** * Creates an OS400 FTP parser: if the config exists, and the system key equals * {@link FTPClientConfig.SYST_OS400} then a plain {@link OS400FTPEntryParser} is used, * otherwise a composite of {@link OS400FTPEntryParser} and {@link UnixFTPEntryParser} is used. * @param config the config to use, may be {@code null} * @return the parser */ private FTPFileEntryParser createOS400FTPEntryParser(FTPClientConfig config) { if (config != null && FTPClientConfig.SYST_OS400.equals(config.getServerSystemKey())) { return new OS400FTPEntryParser(config); } else { return new CompositeFileEntryParser(new FTPFileEntryParser[] { new OS400FTPEntryParser(config), new UnixFTPEntryParser(config) }); } } public FTPFileEntryParser createMVSEntryParser() { return new MVSFTPEntryParser(); } }

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