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Groovy example source code file (ConsoleActions.groovy)

This example Groovy source code file (ConsoleActions.groovy) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The Groovy ConsoleActions.groovy source code

 * Copyright 2003-2007 the original author or authors.
 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
 * You may obtain a copy of the License at
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.

package groovy.ui

import java.awt.event.InputEvent
import java.awt.event.KeyEvent
import javax.swing.KeyStroke

newFileAction = action(
    name: 'New File',
    closure: controller.&fileNewFile,
    mnemonic: 'N',
    accelerator: shortcut('N'),
    smallIcon: imageIcon(resource:"icons/page.png", class:this),
    shortDescription: 'New Groovy Script'

newWindowAction = action(
    name: 'New Window',
    closure: controller.&fileNewWindow,
    mnemonic: 'W',
    accelerator: shortcut('shift N')

openAction = action(
    name: 'Open',
    closure: controller.&fileOpen,
    mnemonic: 'O',
    accelerator: shortcut('O'),
    smallIcon: imageIcon(resource:"icons/folder_page.png", class:this),
    shortDescription: 'Open Groovy Script'

saveAction = action(
    name: 'Save',
    closure: controller.&fileSave,
    mnemonic: 'S',
    accelerator: shortcut('S'),
    smallIcon: imageIcon(resource:"icons/disk.png", class:this),
    shortDescription: 'Save Groovy Script',
    enabled: false // controller will enable as needed

saveAsAction = action(
    name: 'Save As...',
    closure: controller.&fileSaveAs,
    mnemonic: 'A',

printAction = action(
    name: 'Print...',
    closure: controller.&print,
    mnemonic: 'P',
    accelerator: shortcut('P')

exitAction = action(
    name: 'Exit',
    closure: controller.&exit,
    mnemonic: 'X'
// whether or not application exit should have an
// accelerator is debatable in usability circles
// at the very least a confirm dialog should dhow up
//accelerator: shortcut('Q')

undoAction = action(
    name: 'Undo',
    closure: controller.&undo,
    mnemonic: 'U',
    accelerator: shortcut('Z'),
    smallIcon: imageIcon(resource:"icons/arrow_undo.png", class:this),
    shortDescription: 'Undo'

redoAction = action(
    name: 'Redo',
    closure: controller.&redo,
    mnemonic: 'R',
    accelerator: shortcut('shift Z'), // is control-shift-Z or control-Y more common?
    smallIcon: imageIcon(resource:"icons/arrow_redo.png", class:this),
    shortDescription: 'Redo'

findAction = action(
    name: 'Find...',
    closure: controller.&find,
    mnemonic: 'F',
    accelerator: shortcut('F'),
    smallIcon: imageIcon(resource:"icons/find.png", class:this),
    shortDescription: 'Find'

findNextAction = action(
    name: 'Find Next',
    closure: controller.&findNext,
    mnemonic: 'N',
    accelerator: KeyStroke.getKeyStroke(KeyEvent.VK_F3, 0)

findPreviousAction = action(
    name: 'Find Previous',
    closure: controller.&findPrevious,
    mnemonic: 'V',
    accelerator: KeyStroke.getKeyStroke(KeyEvent.VK_F3, InputEvent.SHIFT_DOWN_MASK)

replaceAction = action(
    name: 'Replace...',
    closure: controller.&replace,
    mnemonic: 'E',
    accelerator: shortcut('H'),
    smallIcon: imageIcon(resource:"icons/text_replace.png", class:this),
    shortDescription: 'Replace'

cutAction = action(
    name: 'Cut',
    closure: controller.&cut,
    mnemonic: 'T',
    accelerator: shortcut('X'),
    smallIcon: imageIcon(resource:"icons/cut.png", class:this),
    shortDescription: 'Cut'

copyAction = action(
    name: 'Copy',
    closure: controller.©,
    mnemonic: 'C',
    accelerator: shortcut('C'),
    smallIcon: imageIcon(resource:"icons/page_copy.png", class:this),
    shortDescription: 'Copy'

pasteAction = action(
    name: 'Paste',
    closure: controller.&paste,
    mnemonic: 'P',
    accelerator: shortcut('V'),
    smallIcon: imageIcon(resource:"icons/page_paste.png", class:this),
    shortDescription: 'Paste'

selectAllAction = action(
    name: 'Select All',
    closure: controller.&selectAll,
    mnemonic: 'A',
    accelerator: shortcut('A')

historyPrevAction = action(
    name: 'Previous',
    closure: controller.&historyPrev,
    mnemonic: 'P',
    accelerator: shortcut(KeyEvent.VK_COMMA),
    smallIcon: imageIcon(resource:"icons/book_previous.png", class:this),
    shortDescription: 'Previous Groovy Script',
    enabled: false // controller will enable as needed

historyNextAction = action(
    name: 'Next',
    closure: controller.&historyNext,
    mnemonic: 'N',
    accelerator: shortcut(KeyEvent.VK_PERIOD),
    smallIcon: imageIcon(resource:"icons/book_next.png", class:this),
    shortDescription: 'Next Groovy Script',
    enabled: false // controller will enable as needed

clearOutputAction = action(
    name: 'Clear Output',
    closure: controller.&clearOutput,
    mnemonic: 'C',
    accelerator: shortcut('W')

runAction = action(
    name: 'Run',
    closure: controller.&runScript,
    mnemonic: 'R',
    keyStroke: shortcut('ENTER'),
    accelerator: shortcut('R'),
    smallIcon: imageIcon(resource:"icons/script_go.png", class:this),
    shortDescription: 'Execute Groovy Script'

runSelectionAction = action(
    name: 'Run Selection',
    closure: controller.&runSelectedScript,
    mnemonic: 'E',
    keyStroke: shortcut('shift ENTER'),
    accelerator: shortcut('shift R')

addClasspathJar = action(
    name: 'Add Jar to ClassPath',
    closure: controller.&addClasspathJar,
    mnemonic: 'J',

addClasspathDir = action(
    name: 'Add Directory to ClassPath',
    closure: controller.&addClasspathDir,
    mnemonic: 'D',

clearClassloader = action(
    name: 'Clear Script Context',
    closure: controller.&clearContext,
    mnemonic: 'C',

inspectLastAction = action(
    name: 'Inspect Last',
    closure: controller.&inspectLast,
    mnemonic: 'I',
    accelerator: shortcut('I')

inspectVariablesAction = action(
    name: 'Inspect Variables',
    closure: controller.&inspectVariables,
    mnemonic: 'V',
    accelerator: shortcut('J')

inspectAstAction = action(
    name: 'Inspect Ast',
    closure: controller.&inspectAst,
    mnemonic: 'A',
    accelerator: shortcut('T'),

captureStdOutAction = action(
    name: 'Capture Standard Output',
    closure: controller.&captureStdOut,
    mnemonic: 'O'

captureStdErrAction = action(
    name: 'Capture Standard Error Output',
    closure: controller.&captureStdErr,
    mnemonic: 'E'

fullStackTracesAction = action(
    name: 'Show Full Stack Traces',
    closure: controller.&fullStackTraces,
    mnemonic: 'F'

showScriptInOutputAction = action(
    name: 'Show Script in Output',
    closure: controller.&showScriptInOutput,
    mnemonic: 'R'

visualizeScriptResultsAction = action(
    name: 'Visualize Script Results',
    closure: controller.&visualizeScriptResults,
    mnemonic: 'V'

showToolbarAction = action(
    name: 'Show Toolbar',
    closure: controller.&showToolbar,
    mnemonic: 'T'

detachedOutputAction = action(
    name: 'Detached Output',
    closure: controller.&detachedOutput,
    mnemonic: 'D'

showOutputWindowAction = action(
    closure: controller.&showOutputWindow,
    keyStroke: shortcut('shift O'),

hideOutputWindowAction1 = action(
    closure: controller.&hideOutputWindow,
    keyStroke: 'SPACE',

hideOutputWindowAction2 = action(
    closure: controller.&hideOutputWindow,
    keyStroke: 'ENTER',

hideOutputWindowAction3 = action(
    closure: controller.&hideOutputWindow,
    keyStroke: 'ESCAPE',

hideOutputWindowAction4 = action(
    closure: controller.&hideAndClearOutputWindow,
    keyStroke: shortcut('W'),

autoClearOutputAction = action(
    name: 'Auto Clear Output On Run',
    closure: controller.&autoClearOutput,
    mnemonic: 'A'

largerFontAction = action(
    name: 'Larger Font',
    closure: controller.&largerFont,
    mnemonic: 'L',
    accelerator: shortcut('shift L')

smallerFontAction = action(
    name: 'Smaller Font',
    closure: controller.&smallerFont,
    mnemonic: 'S',
    accelerator: shortcut('shift S')

aboutAction = action(
    name: 'About',
    closure: controller.&showAbout,
    mnemonic: 'A'

threadInterruptAction = action(
    name: 'Allow Interruption',
    closure: controller.&threadInterruption,
    mnemonic: 'O'

interruptAction = action(
    name: 'Interrupt',
    closure: controller.&doInterrupt,
    mnemonic: 'T',
    smallIcon: imageIcon(resource:"icons/cross.png", class:this),
    shortDescription: 'Interrupt Running Script',
    enabled: false // controller will enable as needed

compileAction = action(
    name: 'Compile',
    closure: controller.&compileScript,
    mnemonic: 'L',
    accelerator: shortcut('L'),
    shortDescription: 'Compile Groovy Script'

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