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Groovy example source code file (SignedJarTest.java)

This example Groovy source code file (SignedJarTest.java) is included in the DevDaily.com "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The Groovy SignedJarTest.java source code

package groovy.security;

import junit.framework.Test;
import junit.framework.TestSuite;
import junit.textui.TestRunner;

 * Read a .groovy file from a signed jar and verify that a policy file grant with a signedBy field
 * works.  The following steps were used to create and manage the keys used to sign and read the jar:
 * <ol>
 * <li>keytool -genkey -alias groovy -keypass keypass -keystore groovystore -storepass storepass -validity 7000
 * <li>keytool -export -keystore groovystore -alias groovy -file GroovyDev.cer
 * <li>keytool -import -alias groovy -file GroovyDev.cer -keystore groovykeys
 * </ol>
 * Once the keys are constructed, creat the jar and sign:
 * <ol>
 * <li>jar -cvf Groovy.jar groovy
 * <li>jarsigner -keystore groovystore -signedjar GroovyJarTest.jar Groovy.jar groovy
 * </ol>
 * Add the keystore to the policy file and write the grant:
 * <ol>
 * <li>keystore "file:${user.dir}/src/test/groovy/security/groovykeys";
 * </ol>
public class SignedJarTest extends SecurityTestSupport {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

    public static Test suite() {
        return new TestSuite(SignedJarTest.class);

    public void testReadSignedJar() throws Exception {
        if (!isSecurityAvailable() || (notYetImplemented())) return;

        //spg 2006-02-09 The GroovyClassLoader code that checked jar files
        //for source files was removed last July.  This test will not function
        //without that capability.
        Class c = loader.loadClass("groovy.security.JarTest");  // ClassNotFoundException !
        executeTest(c, null);


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