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Groovy example source code file (JmxBuilderTools.groovy)

This example Groovy source code file (JmxBuilderTools.groovy) is included in the DevDaily.com "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The Groovy JmxBuilderTools.groovy source code

 * Copyright 2008 the original author or authors.
 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
 * You may obtain a copy of the License at
 *     http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.

package groovy.jmx.builder

import java.lang.management.ManagementFactory
import javax.management.DynamicMBean
import javax.management.MBeanServerConnection
import javax.management.MBeanServerFactory
import javax.management.ObjectName

 * This is a utility class used as a helper for JmxBuilder.
 * @author Vladimir Vivien
class JmxBuilderTools {
    static String DEFAULT_DOMAIN = "jmx.builder"
    static String DEFAULT_NAME_TYPE = "ExportedObject"
    static String NODE_NAME_ATTRIBUTES = "attributes"
    static String NODE_NAME_ATTRIBS = "attribs"
    static String NODE_NAME_CONSTRUCTORS = "constructors"
    static String NODE_NAME_CTORS = "ctors"
    static String NODE_NAME_OPERATIONS = "operations"
    static String NODE_NAME_OPS = "ops"

    static String ATTRIB_KEY_DESCRIPTION = "description"
    static String ATTRIB_KEY_DESC = "desc"
    static String ATTRIB_KEY_TYPE = "type"
    static String ATTRIB_KEY_DEFAULT = "defaultValue"

    static String JMX_KEY = "jmx"

    static String DESC_KEY = "descriptor"
    static String DESC_KEY_MBEAN_RESOURCE = "resource"
    static String DESC_KEY_MBEAN_RESOURCE_TYPE = "ObjectReference"
    static String DESC_KEY_MBEAN_ATTRIBS = "attributes"
    static String DESC_KEY_MBEAN_OPS = "operations"
    static String DESC_KEY_MBEAN_CTORS = "constructors"
    static String DESC_KEY_MBEAN_NOTES = "notifications"

    static String DESC_KEY_NAME = "name"
    static String DESC_KEY_JMX_NAME = "jmxName"
    static String DESC_KEY_DISPLAY_NAME = "displayName"
    static String DESC_KEY_TYPE = "descriptorType"
    static String DESC_KEY_GETMETHOD = "getMethod"
    static String DESC_KEY_SETMETHOD = "setMethod"

    static String DESC_KEY_EVENT_TYPE = "eventType"
    static String DESC_KEY_EVENT_NAME = "eventName"
    static String DESC_KEY_EVENT_SOURCE = "eventSource"
    static String DESC_KEY_EVENT_MESSAGE = "messageText"

    static String DESC_VAL_TYPE_ATTRIB = "attribute"
    static String DESC_VAL_TYPE_GETTER = "getter"
    static String DESC_VAL_TYPE_SETTER = "setter"
    static String DESC_VAL_TYPE_OP = "operation"
    static String DESC_VAL_TYPE_NOTIFICATION = "notification"
    static String DESC_VAL_TYPE_CTOR = "constructor"
    static String DESC_VAL_TYPE_MBEAN = "mbean"
    static String DESC_KEY_ROLE = "role"
    static String DESC_KEY_READABLE = "readable"
    static String DESC_KEY_WRITABLE = "writable"
    static String DESC_KEY_SIGNATURE = "signature"

    static String EVENT_KEY_CONTEXTS = "eventContexts"
    static String EVENT_KEY_CALLBACK = "eventCallback"
    static String EVENT_KEY_CALLBACK_RESULT = "eventCallbackResult"
    static String EVENT_KEY_METHOD = "eventMethod"
    static String EVENT_KEY_METHOD_RESULT = "eventMethodResult"
    static String EVENT_KEY_ISATTRIB = "eventIsAttrib"
    static String EVENT_KEY_NAME = "eventName"
    static String EVENT_KEY_MESSAGE = "eventMessage"
    static String EVENT_KEY_TYPE = "eventType"
    static String EVENT_KEY_NODE_TYPE = "eventNodeType"
    static String EVENT_VAL_NODETYPE_BROADCASTER = "broadcaster"
    static String EVENT_VAL_NODETYPE_LISTENER = "listener"
    static String EVENT_KEY_TARGETS = "eventListeners"

    static Map PRIMITIVE_TYPES = [
            "char": java.lang.Integer.TYPE,
            "byte": java.lang.Byte.TYPE,
            "short": java.lang.Short.TYPE,
            "int": java.lang.Integer.TYPE,
            "long": java.lang.Long.TYPE,
            "float": java.lang.Float.TYPE,
            "double": java.lang.Double.TYPE,
            "boolean": java.lang.Boolean.TYPE
    static Map TYPE_MAP = [
            "object": java.lang.Object.class,
            "Object": java.lang.Object.class,
            "java.lang.Object": java.lang.Object.class,

            "string": java.lang.String.class,
            "String": java.lang.String.class,
            "java.lang.String": java.lang.String.class,

            "char": char.class,
            "character": java.lang.Character.class,
            "Character": java.lang.Character.class,
            "java.lang.Character": java.lang.Character.class,

            "byte": byte.class,
            "Byte": java.lang.Byte.class,
            "java.lang.Byte": java.lang.Byte.class,

            "short": short.class,
            "Short": java.lang.Short.class,
            "java.lang.Short": java.lang.Short.class,

            "int": int.class,
            "integer": java.lang.Integer.class,
            "Integer": java.lang.Integer.class,
            "java.lang.Integer": java.lang.Integer.class,

            "long": long.class,
            "Long": java.lang.Long.class,
            "java.lang.Long": java.lang.Long.class,

            "float": float.class,
            "Float": java.lang.Float.class,
            "java.lang.Float": java.lang.Float.class,

            "double": double.class,
            "Double": java.lang.Double.class,
            "java.lang.Double": java.lang.Double.class,

            "boolean": boolean.class,
            "Boolean": java.lang.Boolean.class,
            "java.lang.Boolean": java.lang.Boolean.class,

            "bigDec": java.math.BigDecimal.class,
            "bigDecimal": java.math.BigDecimal.class,
            "BigDecimal": java.math.BigDecimal.class,
            "java.math.BigDecimal": java.math.BigDecimal.class,

            "bigInt": java.math.BigInteger.class,
            "bigInteger": java.math.BigInteger.class,
            "BigInteger": java.math.BigInteger.class,
            "java.math.BigInteger": java.math.BigInteger.class,

            "date": java.util.Date.class,
            "java.util.Date": java.util.Date.class

     * Capitalize the string passed.
     * @param value - string to capitalize.
     * @return - a capitalized string.
    public static String capitalize(String value) {
        if (!value) return null
        if (value.length() == 1) return value.toUpperCase()
        return (value.length() > 1) ? value[0].toUpperCase() + value[1..-1] : value.toUpperCase()

     * Uncapitalizes a string.
     * @param value - string to uncap.
     * @return uncap'ed string.
    public static String uncapitalize(String value) {
        if (!value) return null
        if (value.length() == 1) return value.toLowerCase()
        return (value.length() > 1) ? value[0].toLowerCase() + value[1..-1] : value.toLowerCase()

     * Builds a default ObjectName() instance for a given backing POJO/POGO
     * @param obj - the backing pojo/pogo
     * @return the generated ObjectName() instance.
    public static ObjectName getDefaultObjectName(def obj) {
        String name = DEFAULT_DOMAIN + ":name=${obj.getClass().getName()},hashCode=${obj.hashCode()}"
        try {
            return new ObjectName(name)
        } catch (Exception ex) {
            throw new JmxBuilderException("Unable to create JMX ObjectName $name", ex)

     * Returns an MBeanServerConnection instance.  It searches for declared MBeanServers
     * from the MBeanServerFactory.  If none is found, the default Platform MBeanServer is returned.
    public static MBeanServerConnection getMBeanServer() {
        def servers = MBeanServerFactory.findMBeanServer(null);
        def server = servers.size() > 0 ? servers[0] : ManagementFactory.getPlatformMBeanServer()
        return server

    /** *
     * Returns method signature (as Class[]) given the meta map that describes the method.
     * @param params - the map with parameter info.
     * @return Class[] that represent the method signature.
    public static Class[] getSignatureFromParamInfo(def params) {
        if (params == null || params.size() == 0) return null
        Object[] result = new Object[params.size()]
        params.eachWithIndex {param, i ->
            def type = TYPE_MAP.get(param.getType()) ?: Class.forName(param.getType()) ?: null
            result.putAt i, type

        return result

     * Returns the proper type's class name when a short version is provided (i.e. String returns java.lang.String)
     * @param type - the type name to normalize
     * @return the normalized type name.
    public static String getNormalizedType(String type) {
        if (typeIsPrimitive(type))
            return PRIMITIVE_TYPES[type].name
        return TYPE_MAP[type]?.name ?: Class.forName(type)?.name ?: null

     * Tests whether a type name is a primitive.
     * @param typeName - the type name to test.
     * @return true = if primitive
    private static boolean typeIsPrimitive(String typeName) {

     * Tests whether the provided class implements MBean.  It uses the following runes
     * <p>
     * <pre>
     * if(
     *     DyanamicMBean.class.isAssignable(cls) ||
     *     cls.getName().endsWith("MBean") ||
     *     cls.getName().endsWith("MXBean")
     * ) then class is MBean
     * </pre>
     * @param cls - class to test
     * @return true = if class implements DyanmicMBean or interface name that ends in MBean or MXBean.
    public static boolean isClassMBean(Class cls) {
        boolean result = false
        if (cls == null) result = false
        if (DynamicMBean.class.isAssignableFrom(cls)) {
            result = true

        for (face in cls.getInterfaces()) {
            String name = face.getName()
            if (name.endsWith("MBean") || name.endsWith("MXBean")) {
                result = true

        return result

    public static GroovyMBean registerMBeanFromMap(String regPolicy, Map metaMap) {
        // get modelmbean info from meta map
        def info = JmxBeanInfoManager.getModelMBeanInfoFromMap(metaMap)

        // Do mbean export: if target is already mbean, ignore, otherwise build modelmbean
        def mbean
        if (metaMap.isMBean) {
            mbean = metaMap.target
        } else {
            mbean = new JmxBuilderModelMBean(info)
            mbean.addOperationCallListeners metaMap.attributes
            mbean.addOperationCallListeners metaMap.operations

            if (metaMap.listeners) {
                mbean.addEventListeners metaMap.server, metaMap.listeners

        def gbean
        switch (regPolicy) {
            case "replace":
                if (metaMap.server.isRegistered(metaMap.jmxName)) {
                    metaMap.server.unregisterMBean metaMap.jmxName
                metaMap.server.registerMBean(mbean, metaMap.jmxName)
                gbean = new GroovyMBean(metaMap.server, metaMap.jmxName)
            case "ignore":
                if (metaMap.server.isRegistered(metaMap.jmxName))
            case "error":
                if (metaMap.server.isRegistered(metaMap.jmxName)) {
                    throw new JmxBuilderException("A Bean with name ${metaMap.jmxName} is already registered on the server.")
                } else {
                    metaMap.server.registerMBean(mbean, metaMap.jmxName)
                    gbean = new GroovyMBean(metaMap.server, metaMap.jmxName)



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