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Spring Framework example source code file (PetStoreAnnotationImpl.java)

This example Spring Framework source code file (PetStoreAnnotationImpl.java) is included in the DevDaily.com "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The Spring Framework PetStoreAnnotationImpl.java source code

package org.springframework.samples.jpetstore.domain.logic;

import java.util.List;

import org.springframework.samples.jpetstore.dao.AccountDao;
import org.springframework.samples.jpetstore.dao.CategoryDao;
import org.springframework.samples.jpetstore.dao.ItemDao;
import org.springframework.samples.jpetstore.dao.OrderDao;
import org.springframework.samples.jpetstore.dao.ProductDao;
import org.springframework.samples.jpetstore.domain.Account;
import org.springframework.samples.jpetstore.domain.Category;
import org.springframework.samples.jpetstore.domain.Item;
import org.springframework.samples.jpetstore.domain.Order;
import org.springframework.samples.jpetstore.domain.Product;
import org.springframework.transaction.annotation.Transactional;

 * JPetStore primary business object.
 * <p>This object makes use of five DAO objects, decoupling it
 * from the details of working with persistence APIs. So
 * although this application uses iBATIS for data access,
 * a different persistence tool could be dropped in without
 * breaking this class.
 * <p>The DAOs are made available to the instance of this object
 * using Dependency Injection. (The DAOs are in turn configured using
 * Dependency Injection themselves.) We use Setter Injection here,
 * exposing JavaBean setter methods for each DAO. This means there is
 * a JavaBean property for each DAO. In the present case, the properties
 * are write-only: there are no corresponding getter methods. Getter
 * methods for configuration properties are optional: Implement them
 * only if you want to expose those properties to other business objects.
 * <p>There is one instance of this class in the JPetStore application.
 * In Spring terminology, it is a "singleton", referring to a
 * per-Application Context singleton. The factory creates a single
 * instance; there is no need for a private constructor, static
 * factory method etc as in the traditional implementation of
 * the Singleton Design Pattern. 
 * <p>This is a POJO. It does not depend on any Spring APIs.
 * It's usable outside a Spring container, and can be instantiated
 * using new in a JUnit test. However, we can still apply declarative
 * transaction management to it using Spring AOP.
 * <p>This class defines a default transaction annotation for all methods.
 * Note that this annotation definition is only necessary for auto-proxying
 * driven by JDK 1.5+ annotations (see the "annotation" directory under the root
 * of JPetStore). No annotations are required with a TransactionFactoryProxyBean,
 * as in the default applicationContext.xml in the war/WEB-INF directory.
 * <p>The following annotation is Spring's JDK 1.5+ Transactional annotation.
 * @author Juergen Hoeller
 * @since 30.11.2003
public class PetStoreAnnotationImpl implements PetStoreFacade, OrderService {

	private AccountDao accountDao;

	private CategoryDao categoryDao;

	private ProductDao productDao;

	private ItemDao itemDao;

	private OrderDao orderDao;

	// Setter methods for dependency injection

	public void setAccountDao(AccountDao accountDao) {
		this.accountDao = accountDao;

	public void setCategoryDao(CategoryDao categoryDao) {
		this.categoryDao = categoryDao;

	public void setProductDao(ProductDao productDao) {
		this.productDao = productDao;

	public void setItemDao(ItemDao itemDao) {
		this.itemDao = itemDao;

	public void setOrderDao(OrderDao orderDao) {
		this.orderDao = orderDao;

	// Operation methods, implementing the PetStoreFacade interface

	public Account getAccount(String username) {
		return this.accountDao.getAccount(username);

	public Account getAccount(String username, String password) {
		return this.accountDao.getAccount(username, password);

	public void insertAccount(Account account) {

	public void updateAccount(Account account) {

	public List getUsernameList() {
		return this.accountDao.getUsernameList();

	public List getCategoryList() {
		return this.categoryDao.getCategoryList();

	public Category getCategory(String categoryId) {
		return this.categoryDao.getCategory(categoryId);

	public List getProductListByCategory(String categoryId) {
		return this.productDao.getProductListByCategory(categoryId);

	public List searchProductList(String keywords) {
		return this.productDao.searchProductList(keywords);

	public Product getProduct(String productId) {
		return this.productDao.getProduct(productId);

	public List getItemListByProduct(String productId) {
		return this.itemDao.getItemListByProduct(productId);

	public Item getItem(String itemId) {
		return this.itemDao.getItem(itemId);

	public boolean isItemInStock(String itemId) {
		return this.itemDao.isItemInStock(itemId);

	public void insertOrder(Order order) {

	public Order getOrder(int orderId) {
		return this.orderDao.getOrder(orderId);

	public List getOrdersByUsername(String username) {
		return this.orderDao.getOrdersByUsername(username);


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