Where are Java WebStart files kept on Mac OS X 10.6?

Mac Java WebStart FAQ: Where are Java WebStart files (Jar files) kept on Mac OS X systems? And how can I delete WebStart apps on a Mac?

Java WebStart Jar files are kept below this directory on Mac OS X 10.6:


More than likely you're asking because you want to delete these Java WebStart files on your Mac. The easiest way to delete them is:

  1. Click Applications, Utilities, then Java Preferences.
  2. Click the Network tab on the Preferences dialog.
  3. Click the "View Cache Files" button on the Network panel.
  4. There you'll see whatever Java WebStart apps have been downloaded to your Mac.

You can delete individual WebStart apps in that view (highlight the app, then click the big red 'X' button), or you can clear your entire Java cache with the Delete Files button on the previous screen.

Note that when you press that Delete button, you're given the option to delete (a) Java Applications and Applets, and (b) Java Trace and Log Files as separate options. The "Applications and Applets" delete option deletes most of your Java WebStart applications, but you're probably better off deleting your WebStart apps from the View Cache Files button. (I just ran a test, and it deleted the cached jar files, but did not delete the app's JNLP file.)

I hope this tip on Mac Java WebStart applications and files has been helpful.