A Sencha Touch (and ExtJS) store with static data

As a quick note, the following code shows how to create a Sencha Touch (or ExtJS) store class with static data:

 * create this store for the top-level Twitter menu items,
 * where i want a simple static list
 * ex: sureshdotariya.blogspot.com/2013/07/display-panel-data-on-list-item-tap-in.html
Ext.define('MiniMe.store.TwitterStore', {
    extend: 'Ext.data.Store',
    alias: 'store.TwitterStore',
    requires: [
    config: {
        storeId: 'TwitterStore',
        model: 'MiniMe.model.TwitterMenuItem',
        autoLoad: true,
        data: [
            { type: 'list',  dataValue: 'ak peeps',     label: 'List :: ak peeps' },
            { type: 'list',  dataValue: 'peeps',        label: 'List :: peeps' },
            { type: 'list',  dataValue: 'programmers',  label: 'List :: programmers' },
            { type: 'list',  dataValue: 'scala peeps',  label: 'List :: scala peeps' },
            { type: 'query', dataValue: '#zen',         label: 'Query :: #zen' },
            { type: 'query', dataValue: 'Chicago Cubs', label: 'Query :: Chicago Cubs' },
            { type: 'trend', dataValue: 'Colorado',     label: 'Trend :: Colorado' },
            { type: 'trend', dataValue: 'US',           label: 'Trend :: U.S.' },
            { type: 'trend', dataValue: 'Worldwide',    label: 'Trend :: Worldwide' }

I currently use this static data as a menu in a Sencha Touch application I’m developing. The data will eventually be replaced by dynamic data that I retrieve from Twitter, but I just want to get the app up and running today.

On a related note, the TwitterMenuItem model class looks like this:

Ext.define('MiniMe.model.TwitterMenuItem', {
    extend: 'Ext.data.Model',
    alias: 'model.TwitterMenuItem',
    config: {
        fields: [
            { name: 'type',      type: 'string'},
            { name: 'dataValue', type: 'string'},
            { name: 'label',     type: 'string'}