The best free Mac WYSIWYG HTML editor I can find is ...

Mac HTML editor FAQ: What is the best free Mac WYSIWYG HTML editor?

As I continue my quest to find a great, simple, and free Mac HTML WYSIWYG editor ... well, I still can’t find anything that blows me away. But I will give you my take on the best free Mac WYSIWYG HTML editor I can find right now.

My ideal free MacOS WYSIWYG HTML editor (the criteria)

The ground rules for my best free Mac WYSIWYG HTML editor are the same as they were the last time I did this search: I just want to find a great free Mac HTML editor I can use to create articles for my websites. I don't need to create an entire website, I just need a Mac HTML editor where I can write one blog page at a time.

That one wish led to these basic features I want in a free Mac WYSIWYG HTML editor:

  • A true Mac WYSIWYG HTML editor. I don't want to see any HTML markup. I can use TextMate, vi, or other Mac text editors for any finishing touches I need.
  • I'm not interested in graphics with my free Mac HTML editor. I just want to use a simple subset of tags, including P, A, CODE, EM, PRE, H1-H4, UL, and OL, with an occasional bold, underline, or table.
  • Carriage returns should create paragraphs (not break tags).
  • I can create tables and lists by clicking a button just before I need to create them.
  • Integrated spell-checking.
  • Basic copy, paste, search, and undo functionality.
  • Native Mac keystroke support.

Second, here is a short list of “not 100% necessary, but nice to have” free Mac WYSIWYG HTML editor features:

  • Let me switch between WYSIWYG and HTML views and edit content in either view.
  • Let me edit more than one document at a time. (This violates my "own wish" above, but I occasionally do work on more than one article at a time.)
  • Some sort of type-ahead, auto-complete editor magic.
  • Let me change the Mac HTML editor fonts and colors, and remember those as preferences.
  • Same thing with window sizes and locations.

The best free Mac WYSIWYG HTML editor is ...

UPDATE: The best free MacOS WYSIWYG HTML Editor I can find in 2018 is SeaMonkey, which comes from the Mozilla Project. It’s far from perfect, but it beats typing HTML by hand. (This section used to be longer, but the list of competitors has gotten small since I first wrote this article.)