Hide your Mac desktop icons - Free

Summary: Hyde, an application to let you hide your Mac desktop and desktop icons, is now free.

As promised, my Hyde software application is now free. If you haven't heard of it before, Hyde is a simple little application for Mac systems that lets you hide your desktop and desktop icons, like this:

Hide your desktop icons with Hyde

In that image, Amazon Kindle is running in the foreground, and Hyde is the darker gray color running in the background. (You can change the color to any color you like.) I think you'll agree, this makes for a great Mac eBook reading environment. As you'll see from the other images at the link below, Hyde not only makes for a great reading environment, but also a great working environment.

If there's enough interest I'll be glad to make Hyde available as an open source application as well. But, for now, it's free, and that's a good enough reason to celebrate.

You can learn more about Hyde at this link.