The iMac brightness too bright problem

iMac brightness FAQ: Help, my iMac brightness is too bright, is there a way I can dim the iMac monitor brightness more than the standard iMac brightness control allows?

Yes, I have the same problem, and fortunately this "iMac brightness is too bright" problem seems to be a well-known issue. Even better, you can get free software to help dim the iMac brightness more than Apple allows with Mac OS X. Over a year ago I downloaded a free Mac application named Shades that does a good job of reducing the iMac brightness, and here's what I know about it.

iMac brightness too bright - Use Shades for iMac brightness control

The Mac Shades application installs easily, and once it's installed you can control your iMac brightness in a number of ways. One way to control your iMac brightness with Shades is through a slider menu that you can set up in your Mac OS X menu bar. To control the iMac brightness, click the Shades icon in the Mac menu bar, and then move the slider nugget up and down to control the brightness.

That being said, I use my iMac a lot, so a faster way for me to control the iMac brightness is with the Shades keystroke settings. I can just press [Alt][+] to increase the iMac brightness, or [Alt][-] to reduce the iMac brightness.

iMac brightness too bright - How to download Shades

Getting back to my "iMac brightness is too bright" discussion ... I've been using Shades for over a year now with my iMac, and I haven't had any problems related to it. I was worried about using an app like this to control my iMac brightness, but after a year I'm glad to report that I've had no problems with it. As mentioned, Shades is a free Mac application, and you can download it on the Charcoal Design website.