Mac Finder 'new folder' keystroke bug

While replying to a comment on an earlier Mac Finder new folder keystroke article, I found a bug in the Mac OS X Finder that I thought I'd mention here as well to make it easier for people to find. In short, the keystroke you can normally use to create a new Finder folder is:

[Shift] [Command] n

However, as I just found out in responding to that comment, this keystroke doesn't work in the Mac Finder list view. In the list view it always creates the new folder in your home directory. After some brief testing, this Mac Finder new folder keystroke seems to work fine in the other Finder views, so it's just a bug in the list view, which is currently the second Finder view, as shown in this blown-up image:

Mac Finder new folder keystroke bug problem

The second button, which I show as being selected in this image, is the Mac Finder list view, which is the view with this Mac Finder new folder keystroke bug. (You'll find this set of four buttons in the upper-left portion of a Mac Finder window.)

Assuming this hasn't already been reported to Apple as a bug, I'll go ahead and report it, but I thought I'd share this information here as well. (I assume this is a bug, and not an intended 'feature'.)