A great memory, when I’m asleep

Yesterday afternoon I took a nap, and for a while I was lucid while I was sleeping, and with nothing better to do, I worked on my grocery shopping list. I could easily remember what I needed, and made mental notes about those items. Unfortunately after I woke up I didn’t think about this for a while, and later in the evening I couldn’t remember a darned thing I needed.

I had a similar situation a few weeks ago, but in reverse. I was emailing with a friend about motorcycles, and for the life of me I couldn’t remember where everything is on a bike, the gas, clutch, brakes, how the gears work, etc. But two nights later I had a vivid dream of riding a motorcycle, and once I became lucid in the dream “I” saw that I (some other “I”) knew exactly how everything worked. After I woke up I was able to recall everything, and was comfortable that I was correct.

Both events blew me away in terms of how accurate my memory is when I’m asleep. It makes me wonder why I can’t remember these things when I’m awake.