Blind in a long, lucid dream

February 6, 2021: I had a long, strange dream sequence this morning where I was blind for some reason, but still able to see, like Neo in the second or third episode of The Matrix. Most everything I saw was black, but when I saw shapes they were in different shades of a bronze/copper/brown color, so I could see things in the three dimensions.

I only had problems seeing stairs, and at one point I saw three similar objects, and couldn’t figure out what they were. I asked a companion, “What are these pod-shaped vehicles with small wheels,” and she laughed and said they were Weber grills.

In addition to the ability to see this way, I could do almost anything I wanted with telekinesis. When I first gained consciousness/awareness in the dream I was in the process of pulling a building down, albeit gently, so nobody would be hurt. Later I would open and close large doors, tear holes open in walls, see through walls, whatever I wanted. When my alarm went off I briefly woke up to turn it off, then laid back in bed to enjoy and explore this state as long as I could.