When I punched the accelerator things started to get weird

If you like dream stories, here you go ... this one is from January 25, 2019.

A dream sequence started this morning with me trying to follow some other people in a vehicle. I wasn’t lucid at this point, and all I remember is that we were trying to go somewhere for dinner. The people I was following had gotten way ahead of me so I decided that I needed to go very fast, and when I punched the accelerator things started to get weird.

There was a major “whoosh” of something ... time, space, whatever, so I decided I better come to a stop. When I did I looked around, and saw that I was in an area that was full of modern restaurants, one even looked a little like a Dunkin’ Donuts. But the problem was, the names of the restaurants weren’t in English. I had no idea what the language was, but it looked like something I had never seen before. Only half awake and 100% lost, for some reason it seemed like a good idea to hit the accelerator.

Once again there was a major whoosh of timespace/spacetime, and I thought I better stop and try to figure out where I was. The first thing I noticed was that my vehicle had transformed, and was now like a shuttle that you’d see on Star Trek, mostly metallic, with a lot of gauges to look at inside, and large, rectangular glass windows so I could see outside. When I looked outside all I saw was a large open range, with a few hills or very small mountains in the distance to the right. It reminded me of rural New Mexico, but it was dark outside so I couldn’t see any more details.

The thing that stood out was that either three suns (stars) or moons were setting on the horizon. I was a little more lucid by this point, so I tried to understand what I was seeing. If they were suns, they weren’t as bright as our sun, but on the other hand they were brighter than our moon. After being unable to figure out the sun/moon conundrum, I took some time to look around. I was certain I was the only being in the area, and that was fine by me, because the sight of the three orbs setting was spectacular.

After a while I had a little hunch about what was happening, so I decided to go “backwards” and reverse my course to test my understanding. So with my mind I reversed my course, got this new vehicle accelerating as desired, but then it came to a sudden stop on its own. This time I was in the same area — the horizon and lay of the land was the same — but it was daytime, and the land was extraordinarily colorful. There was a base green color coming from things like the grass, plants, and trees, but there were many other brilliant colors coming from flowers and leaves that you’d expect to see in a tropical area. Once again I was alone in this area, and I was also even more lucid, so I stayed for a while and enjoyed the beauty and tranquility.

I was amazed at how long I had been able to stay in these two places, so after a while I figured I should move on, so I repeated the same steps, and once again I came to a sudden stop that was out of my control. From the landscape I could tell that I was still in the same area, but this time green was the predominant color, the one exception being a large metallic box that was taller than the trees, with four legs beneath it. It looked like one of those “walkers” from Star Wars, except the box on the top was wider. But just like those walkers, it was firing weapons at something that was out of my view to the left. I could see movement in the brush in front of me, but couldn’t make it out. As the walker-thing got closer to me I decided that leaving was a good idea.

Again I accelerated, and again I came to a stop out of my control. The terrain was the same, but this time there were buildings in the area that reminded me of a small college campus. For some reason I got the impression of a school setting, but the buildings weren’t what we’d call modern, they were old, and I’m not even sure they had electricity.

By this time I was certain about what was going on. Instead of traveling through space, I was traveling through time. My vehicle wasn’t going anywhere physically, I was just traveling backwards through time. When I saw the three suns/moons setting I had gone extremely far into the future, and because my intent since then was to “go back,” each time I tried to go somewhere in the vehicle I had gone back in time. I was seeing the same land perhaps hundreds or thousands of years apart, in reverse order.

At one point in the travels — some time after my initial vehicle had transformed into a Star Trek like shuttle — I noticed that a gauge in the vehicle showed the year 2649. I didn’t know if that was the date when I saw the setting suns/moons, or if that was an intermediate date, but I had no doubt that the number represented a year.

I tried to wake myself up at this point but I couldn’t. Then it occurred to me that if I focused very hard on what I knew as the present moment (the morning of January 25, 2019), I might be able to will myself back here. When I did this it felt like I moved through spacetime, and although my aim was off the first few times, I felt like I was getting closer and eventually got back to a place that felt comfortable, like I knew where I was, and I was able to wake myself up.