Notes from a dream (wild, electromagnetic thing in basement)

Notes from a long, ongoing dream from the morning of September 18, 2017:

- some sort of wild thing in the basement of a home was
  killing things
- it was like the basements of many (or all) homes were 
- people were trying to kill it with guns and rifles
- somehow we realized it was an electromagnetic thing, 
  not human or animal
- realized we couldn’t kill it with guns and rifles
- as we were having this realization, Monk appeared and figured 
  out the thing was feeding off of anger and hate
- we put the weapons down and focused on love, even just the 
  small things we loved
- no matter how scary things got, we kept focusing on love
- we were outside on the grass, and in time the thing came to
  the surface
- it emerged as a combination of a lion with a female human head
- it was in great pain and the face was peeling off, shedding
- we were afraid, but kept focusing on love
- then it morphed into a complete human female
- in time the female didn’t die ... the shedding finished, 
  and it was freed

I don’t know if there’s a metaphor in there or not, but it was an interesting morning.