Head asleep, body awake

I was laying in bed last night, and knew I was close to falling asleep. Then I realized I could hear myself snoring. “How strange,” I thought, “my head is snoring, but I’m right here.” Then I realized that “I” was actually centered in my chest, and I couldn’t feel my head.

I was laying on my left side in bed, and had my left arm and hand folded up against my chest. I realized I could move my arm and my legs, but I had no connection to my head. As I did this I heard the head snore again. I couldn’t hear it through my ears, but I could hear it. So then I waited and listened, and I realized the time in between snores was very long, maybe somewhere in the 10-20 second time range.

I did some things in Alaska before where I used yoga techniques to very slowly fall asleep, and I was able to stay awake while my sense of hearing and sense of touch went away, but I’ve never had part of my body fall asleep while the rest of it was awake. How strange, indeed.