Another dream where I am running on all fours

Had another dream this morning that I was running on all fours. Rather than ask myself, “Why in the world am I doing this?”, I now just accept that I’m a dog (or a cat, or some other animal) in the dream. That helps me go along with whatever is happening in the dream, rather than fight it and wake up.

(Notes from a dream on June 28, 2016)

March, 2020: I want to add that when I have dreams like this, when we’re resting it may seem like the dog and I are the same being in the dream. That is, we look out through the eyes, hear through the ears, etc. But when the dog hears an unusual sound, or sees a squirrel, cat, or another dog, the dog and I suddenly don’t have the same thoughts; the dog is in control of the body and “I” am just a passenger going along for the ride. That’s when I have the thought, “Why am I doing this?”, because the dog (or its instincts) are in control.