An offer to write open source documentation for a modest fee

Have you often looked at the documentation for an open source project and thought, “If that documentation was better, I’d be glad to give this project a try. The problem is, it’s like an expert wrote these docs, and I have no idea where to even start.”

Solution: Starting in July I’ll have some free time, so I’m offering my technical writing services for the low, low price of $30/hour. I’ve charged 7x that for programming; this is a bit of an exploration to see if there’s a market here.

Caveat: I can only work ~10-15 hours/week. Things I can write about easily are Scala, functional programming, Flutter, Dart, and Java. Other things I have some knowledge of are Android, Kotlin, Rust, and TypeScript. Email “al at valleyprogramming dot com” if interested.