Get the “Functional Programming, Simplified” PDF for $10

If you purchased the paperback or Kindle versions of “Functional Programming, Simplified,” I now have the ability to offer you a discount on the PDF version of the book.

To get the PDF for just $10 — a 50% discount — just send a proof of purchase to and I’ll send you a discount code and URL.

Proof of purchase

Since the paperback and Kindle versions are only sold through Amazon, “proof of purchase” can be a copy of your Amazon receipt. Please scrub out your credit card information and address before sending me the proof of purchase, I have no interest in that information.

This is a manual process, so if I get a lot of responses, turnaround time might be a little slow.

The fine print

  • All prices shown are in U.S. currency (USD)
  • Your email address will never be used for anything else except communications related to this offer