Visitors in bed

After finishing a yoga session at the cabin in Talkeetna, I decided to lay down in bed for the savasana part. So I’m laying there, relaxing, minding my own business, when someone sits on the bed next to me. I quickly open my eyes, but *nobody is there*. I jump out of the bed as fast as I’ve done anything in my life, then sleep on the couch for the next week.

A couple of years later I’m laying on my left side in bed at a friend’s house, waiting to fall asleep, when one of her dogs jumps on the bed, down behind my legs. The dog scratches on the bed, circles in one direction, stops, then circles in the other direction before finally plopping down against my legs. I think, “How nice, one of the dogs has chosen to lay down next to me.” Trying not to disturb them, I slowly lift my head, look down at my legs to see which one it is, and *there’s nobody there*.