When someone has power over you, turn the tables

I had a phone conversation yesterday that reminded me of human behavior. A woman called from a local doctor’s office, and the essence of her conversation was, “You have very limited options for seeing the doctor I work for ... I don’t even know if you’re worthy of seeing him ... I’m in control of this situation ... yada yada yada.”

After I responded to her, “Yeah, about that ... I don’t need to see your doctor any more, I’m going to the Mayo Clinic,” her tone changed dramatically. She quickly switched to, “You want to cancel your appointment? Are you sure? Maybe I can get you in sooner.”

I didn’t do anything intentionally here, I just stated the facts, but it was a reminder that when someone feels like they have power over you, you can often gain control by turning the tables on them, especially if they’re bluffing.