Who writes and supports Linux?

A couple of cool links tonight related to Linux kernel development, specifically who works on the kernel, who supports it, and the amazing stat that 5,547 lines of code are removed from the kernel every day -- while even more are added.

The links start with The Linux Foundation updating a study about who writes and supports Linux kernel development. Their PDF is available for download here.

CNET shares some of the PDF data on this page. Not surprisingly, the top kernel contributors come from Red Hat, IBM, and Novell ... but Intel is right there at #4.

For me, this is the most interesting quote from the CNET article:

Another interesting fact is the rate of development and constant refactoring of the kernel code. An average of 10,923 lines of code are added with an average of 5,547 lines removed every day, ensuring that the code is high quality and relevant for the most important implementations of the kernel.

Another great thing about The Linux Foundation PDF is that includes a lot of names of kernel developers, some of the hard-core developers you don't often hear about. I'm a huge fan of anyone involved in making Linux a great operating system.