The "Delete my Facebook account" search trend

Kudos to whoever first noticed that when you type the phrase "How do I" at Google, the fifth item in the list is now "How do I delete my Facebook account".

I'll show that image in a moment, but first, here's a more powerful image from Google Trends that shows the search trend for the phrase "facebook delete account":

The Facebook delete account search trend at Google Trends

As you can see, the trend is certainly increasing, with several spikes along the way. Are people bailing out of Facebook, or at least trying to figure out how to bail out of Facebook? You make the call.

(Note: This information comes from Google Trends.)

"Facebook delete account" 30-day trend

Wow, I didn't notice this yesterday, and I thank a friend for writing me and telling me about it ... it turns out that you can change the Google Trends data output so it shows the trend for the last 30 days. So, here is the 30-day trend for the search phrase "facebook delete account":

The "Facebook delete account" 30-day trend.

Wow, that is one slippery slope!

Whenever the Facebook PR people tell you everything is just fine, come back and take a look at that graphic. That's not even a curve, it's just a straight line pointing up to the sky.

The "How do I" search at Google

Here's the other popular image from the day, showing that when you begin typing "How do I" at Google, the phrase "How do I delete my Facebook account" shows up very high in the Google search suggestions:

The Google "How do I" search - Delete Facebook Account shows up #5

I don't know how Google's "suggestion" text works, but I believe that is lists the most popular matching phrases first (otherwise, why bother showing it?).

This is one of those times where you wish you could go back in time, because I'd like to see where this phrase was just a week or two ago.