Mat-Su Valley Programming

Alaska programming and website design: Nothing too exciting here for the devdaily world, but just a quick announcement that I am finally launching my new computer consulting business in Alaska. My new company is named Mat-Su Valley Programming (or MVP, for short), and we'll provide Alaska with website design and programming services.

If you're interested in Drupal at all, specifically Drupal 7, if you follow that link you'll find a brand new Drupal 7 website, probably the first one in the state of Alaska, though I don't know that for sure. I've personally created a number of Drupal 6 websites now, but this is my first Drupal 7 website.

To push the limits of Drupal 7, the new website has several sections, including:

Update: I removed the Drupal 7 Ubercart store demo because too many people were trying to buy things, lol.

I've learned a lot about Drupal 7 in the last week, and I'll try to share everything I've learned here in time. Stay tuned ...