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Seward, Alaska lodging information alvin January 10, 2011 - 2:13pm

Summary: A quick look at Seward, Alaska lodging information, including resources on my One Man's Alaska website, and other Seward, Alaska lodging resources.

Alaska lunar eclipse photos

Just a quick note that if you're interested in seeing photos of last night's lunar eclipse from Wasilla, Alaska, I just posted these Alaska lunar eclipse photos. My camera gear isn't great yet (a very good Pentax K-x, but no good lenses) but the large 4.4 MB image shows how clear the sky was here last night, as you can clearly see not only the orange-red moon, but many stars in the background as well.

Free Rubik's Mirror Block Cube w/ some ThinkGeek orders

A brief commercial interruption that you might actually like: ThinkGeek is having a clearance sale, including giving away a free Rubik's Mirror Block Cube with a $40 purchase. Here's a collection of clearance sale ads they just sent me. Happy geeky shopping.

Wasilla, Alaska web design, website hosting, and computer programming

With 2011 barreling around the corner, I've been busy putting things together to start a new web design, web hosting, and computer programming consulting business here in Alaska.

While my current website is as ugly as it gets, here's a link to my "coming soon" Mat-Su Valley Programming website. As you can tell, I've been giving myself a few minutes every night to get the website set up, as I have plenty more important things to do at the moment.

The network is the computer - The Chrome OS mantra?

After I posted on Twitter that the Google Chrome OS reminded me of the Tektronix X-Terminals we used at NASA around 1990, a friend tweeted the reply, "The network is the computer."

If you know anything about Unix history, you know "The network is the computer" was the slogan of Sun (nee Sun Microsystems) for many years. I remember reading an article one time where Sun executive said something like, "We don't really know what it means, but we like it", in regards to this slogan.

Another Alaska blog

I've been playing with Drupal 7 lately on the Drupal Gardens website, and in the process I decided to create another blog about living in Alaska. If you're interested in Drupal and/or Alaska, here's a link to this new blog about living in Alaska, which currently includes information about Wasilla and Talkeetna, Alaska. - A socially-tagged source code search engine

This announcement is a little premature, but ... for at least ten years I've thought about creating a search engine to make it easier to find source code examples, and while Google and thousands of writers have pretty much eliminated the need for such a search engine, I decided to create one anyway. The approach I'm working on is to create a source code search engine that is driven by "tags", in much the same way that and other tag concepts work.

The Murkowski write-in campaign alvin November 3, 2010 - 4:59pm

In my other life (living in Alaska), I'm wondering if 84% of Alaska write-in voters can spell "Murkowski" right? In my Alaska Murkowski write-in story, I calculate that with the current vote totals, Lisa Murkowski will need a little less than 84% of voters to spell her name correctly to avoid any sort of legal challenge by Joe Miller.