Chillin’ on an astral plane

I was on an astral plane somewhere last night, just hanging out, meditating in a circle with some other universal souls. Then some guy appears in the middle of our circle and starts blabbering like a madman. I tried to make sense of what he was saying, but it was all incoherent crazy nonsense.

He kept going on for a while, but I figured he had to stop soon, or maybe he’d just leave, so I didn’t bother with him. Just then, this woman that was sitting across from me stands up, puts one hand on the back of his shirt and another on the back of his pants, picks him up, and with a motion like she’s shoveling snow, she throws him I don’t know where off to my right. I slowly lean forward and look over to the right, and all I see is the black emptiness of space; the guy is just *gone*.


I look up at the woman and start to open my mouth to say something about how we’re supposed to be all Zen-like, but then I think, “I don’t want her throwing me over there too,” so I close my mouth. She gave me a little half-smile, sat down, and we all went back to chillin’.