“You don’t belong in this universe”

Last night (May 22, 2014) was one of the “hell nights” I experience once or twice a year. It started with a dream straight out of Carrie or The Exorcist where everything in a room, including me, was being levitated by something, and whatever that thing was, it was not a good thing, it was evil.

After something went flying out the window near the end of that dream, a voice kept saying a two-word phrase over and over again. At 4am this morning I could have told you those words easily, but I can’t remember them now. They were old, Christian/Biblical words, and in short they meant, “Atone for your sins or go to hell.” The two words were something like, “contrition, damnation”, but those aren’t right; I just wanted to be clear that he kept using only two words, over and over again.

Dream 2

In a second dream I was in another bed somewhere, and someone/something was trying to get me out of the bed, maybe to go along with him on a journey. He kept saying something like, “Come on, come on, let’s go”, but I couldn’t get out of that body. This other being was able to levitate my body in the bed, but I couldn’t get out of the body.

The dream was very realistic; I didn’t think at the time that it was a dream. For instance, the being kept trying to help me do do whatever he wanted, which had something to do with levitation. He kept levitating my covers, trying to psychologically convince me that I could levitate or leave the body, but at one point he was levitating the covers and I knew that my right foot was tucked under my left leg, but he was showing a right foot under the covers, so I told him, “That’s not my right foot, my right foot is under the covers,” and told him to not do that, that I wanted him to be honest with me. At that point he allowed the covers to fall down onto my body.

Dream 3

I don’t remember many details of the third dream. All I remember significantly is what another male voice told me: “You don’t belong in this universe, you’re just filling a hole” (or, “You’re only here to fill a hole”). With that I decided I had had enough, and got out of bed.

I didn’t go to sleep until around midnight, and at this time it was 4:40am. I got up, walked around for a little bit, looked out the windows, and after some time I went back to bed. I don’t remember any other dreams.


As far as I know, there was nothing in the last few days that would have caused these dreams. I’ve been working hard on a project, and rather than take my usual days off, I decided to work just as hard on my usual days off to get the project done. Last night I quit working around 9 or 10pm, then watched the movie, Frozen. I also took time to watch a MASH episode in the evening because it was one of my favorite episodes, where an explosion blinds Hawkeye, and he has to deal with being blind. As far as I knew, when I went to bed it was a very normal evening.