Laying in bed until whenever

After a long work day yesterday I decided to sleep in today until whenever. After I almost got enough rest I found myself sleeping in my bed in the house I grew up in. The bed was against an outer bedroom wall, where I had it when I was a young teenager. (I would later move it to an inner wall.) Then a former friend came in the room and told me I was being lazy and I should get up and yada yada yada. I beamed her right out of there.

Then a young, healthy version of Zeus came in and stood next to the bed. I thought about asking him if he had to go out, but he jumped up on the bed and laid down next to me. That sure wasn’t going to make me want to get out of bed.

Some time later my phone magically appeared and it showed that there were 6 responses to something I put on Twitter yesterday. Then the 6 became a 9 and then a 6 and then a 9 and so on. That happens a lot with numbers and letters in the dreamscape. I thought that sounded way too much like work, so we just laid there.

Finally I was starting to feel awake, so I asked Zeus if he wanted to go out, and he jumped off the bed, and we got up. Sadly, he disappeared when I opened my eyes here in Colorado.

I eventually looked at my phone and there were six notifications on Twitter, but I still wasn’t going to look at them until I at least had some cookies and coffee.

~ May 27, 2018