Waking up in a strange bed, but with a Cinnabon

I woke up on the left side of a king size bed this morning. It wasn’t my bed, but I was blanketed in a thick, soft comforter, which felt wonderful. I looked around briefly. Wherever I was, the room seemed very nice. It was light outside.

As my other senses came to me, I realized that what woke me up was a strange woman standing on the right side of the bed. She was pretty but very angry, yelling at me. She wanted to know where I got the warm Cinnabon that was on the nightstand next to me. More accurately, she rather forcefully wanted to know if someone brought that for me, and if so, who.

“Cinnabon?”, I thought. Man, that sounds really good.

While she kept yelling at me, I started to sit up in the bed, but my head was fuzzy, and I was moving slow. I saw that I had several nightclub stamps on my left wrist. I paused and tried to remember what I did last night, but I couldn’t. “I’ll deal with that later,” I thought. I was motivated to sit up and dig into that warm Cinnabon.

Then I realized there was a bandage on my upper arm. “Oh man, I didn’t get another tattoo, did I?” I sat there for a moment trying to recall the evening. Nothing.

The unknown woman was still yelling at me, but I looked at the nightstand and saw not only the Cinnabon, but a styrofoam cup, too. I was hoping it was filled with coffee. Warm coffee.

At that point the angry woman ripped the blanket off the bed, and then ... I really woke up ... back here in my little apartment in Colorado.

(This is the story of a lucid dream I posted on Facebook on August 7, 2013.)