Meditating while awake/asleep

Today is a day off for me, so when I woke up and laid in bed with my eyes closed and noticed that the dreams were still playing, I decided to let them continue to roll on while I lay there awake.

After the same dream kept replaying itself in different ways, I noticed that an old woman was usually standing behind me and to my right, observing the dreams. I didn’t bother to ask her who she was, I just jumped right to my main question: “Why am I seeing these things?”

She answered, “You need to resolve these situations to your own satisfaction.”

So I laid there for about two hours — about the length of going out to see a movie, I figured — letting the dreams go on and trying to understand and somehow “resolve” them. The old woman was always there, so every once in a while I turned to her and asked her another question. She willingly answered everything I asked.

After my last question I decided I had resolved everything to my own satisfaction. A dream was playing on, but I ignored it and everyone in it as I thought about what I should do next. I had some errands that I needed to run, but I didn’t feel like getting out of bed yet, so I stood up in the dream and said, “Excuse me everyone, I’m sorry, but I’m going to make you go away now.” I could have just wiped them all out without warning, but this seemed more polite and peaceful. All the characters pretty much froze in place, like they didn’t know what to do.

I hadn’t done this in a while, so I first took a few moments to make a few items levitate, such as a table and chair that were in front of me. Once I had a “feel” for how to do everything again, I spun around in a clockwise 360 degree motion, waving my hands up and down a little for effect as I turned, making everything disappear as it passed by my line of sight.

Once all the people and things were gone it was dark there. It wasn’t pitch black though, it was more like a dark amber color. I could see in the distance in every direction, but there was nothing to see, just the dark amber fading into black further in the distance, not a sound to be heard. Satisfied with my creation, I did what I wanted to do, and sat down there to meditate in this awake/asleep place.

I would have gladly stayed there until noon, but my left hand — which was tucked under my pillow — was falling asleep, and it had gotten to the point where it was bothering me, so I decided this would be a good time to get out of bed and get on with the day. I stood up in the dream state and looked around in all directions, still not seeing or hearing a thing. I didn’t want to leave, but there was that left hand again. I quietly said “Namaste,” bowed, woke up in bed, and pulled my numb left hand out from under the pillow.

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