Someone coming in through the balcony door (sleep paralysis and night terrors)

Last night I was having a hard time falling asleep. I’ve been a little sick lately, so I’ve been sleeping some during the day, which makes it hard to fall asleep at night. Some nights I don’t like to sleep in my bed, and I have an air mattress that I use for guests, so I set it up in the living room, and last night I tried sleeping on it as a change of pace.

So I’m laying there, not falling asleep, constantly rolling over, trying different sides and different positions. I have Midsomer Murders playing on my tablet on a stand next to the mattress, and I watch it whenever I lay on my left side. When I lay on my left like this I’m also facing the far side of the living room, where there’s a large window and a door that goes out to the balcony.

After about two hours of this I’m now laying on my right side, with my back to the balcony. As I’m laying there I hear the balcony door creak open, so I freak out and try to get up to see what’s happening.

Problem is — unbeknownst to me — is that I’m in the sleep paralysis state. “I” am awake, but my body is asleep, and I can’t move it. After I struggle to reconnect with my body for a few moments I realize that nothing else has happened, so I try to calm down.

Then someone or some thing grabs the end of the mattress down by my feet and begins pulling the mattress towards the balcony door. With this I try to fight the paralysis as hard as I can — wake up! Wake Up! WAKE UP! — and after a mighty struggle I finally reconnect to the body. I wake up to find my body calmly laying on my right side. The mattress hasn’t moved, and I haven’t either, I’m still tucked under the covers.

I get up out of bed, walk over and check that the balcony door is closed and locked. Then I come back and grab my pillow and blanket, walk to the bedroom, and spend the rest of the evening in my regular bed.