Try, try again

The plan for Wednesday was to work on the Scala/FP book, but if you could see that I’m writing this entry at 12:15am on Thursday, you could guess that Wednesday was a bad health day (meaning that I slept most of Wednesday and I’m awake now).

The thing I’ve learned from this illness is that on the healthy days you have to do the things that make you happy. In an ideal world I would live next to the friends and family that make me happy, I would get to see my nieces grow up, and in my world we’d all live in Alaska, but this isn’t that world.

Back to my point about the Scala/FP book: the thing I have to do is try again tomorrow (today, actually). I may be too sick again then, who knows, but writing is something that makes me happy, so that’s what I’ll do, try again. And if there’s another setback, then I’ll try again after that. I know Yoda said “there is no try,” but in the end, he’s just a muppet, a character in a movie, and he was wrong. In the end, all there is is ‘try.’