Scala currency and money libraries (JVM-based libraries)

I've been trying to find some good Scala currency and money libraries lately, and I found that nscala-money is a Scala wrapper around Joda Money.

A few years ago I found the following list of money/currency projects on the Joda Money Github project. That URL contains the following list of Java and JVM-based projects that should all be usable in Scala:

JScience - MoneyAmount, based on Javaloution classes

JMoney - long directly

TimeAndMoney - Money class with currency scale (BigDecimal + JDK Currency)

Money from Tom Gibara - Small library with good approach to calculation

JCash - BigDecimal directly

Eurobudget - double directly

Java practices - Class based on BigDecimal

Grails Currency Plugin - Class based on float

OpenGamma CurrencyAmount - Class based on double (its an estimate)

Design document 

Also, although it may be a little dated, there's also this Scala Currency class, which can serve as a nice starting point.