Scala SBT documentation in PDF format

I did some manual labor this weekend, and converted the Scala SBT tool documentation into PDF format (a PDF file). I also tried to contact the SBT author, Mark Harrah, to see if he wanted the PDF on the Github website, but I couldn't find any way to email him through Github, so ...

If you want a copy of the Scala SBT documentation in PDF format, current as of June 3, 2012, here it is:

It took a lot of manual effort to turn the online documentation into 65 pages of a readable PDF doc, so I don't have any plans to update this as time goes on, but as mentioned, for the current date, it's accurate.

(Also, if you have Mark Harrah's contact information, please send it to me, or let him know about this, so he can put it on the official SBT website if he'd like to.)