Cato - A database CRUD assistant

Cato is a language-independent "CRUD generator" software application. While tools like Ruby on Rails and CakePHP provide their own CRUD approaches, Cato is independent of the programming language and framework that you want to work with.

Because Cato's CRUD generator is based on the concept of templates, if you can create templates for your programming language (Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, whatever) and framework (Struts, WebWork, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, whatever), you can generate CRUD source code from your database table definitions.

Why Use Cato

I'll add more here about Cato as time goes on, but for now, these are the important points:

  • Cato lets you generate files from your database table definitions.
  • Because Cato is based on a templating approach, if you can define the templates for your programming language and/or framework, you can easily generate CRUD files to make your application development process faster and easier.

Cato is currently best described and demonstrated on this Java CRUD generator example page.

Cato on Github

I'm moving slowly, but the Cato source is now available on Github at this URL:

Update - Cato GUI and dedicated website

I spent some time recently putting a web interface on Cato, and I'm glad to say it is now available. You can find more information on its dedicated website, (a Java, PHP CRUD Generator).