Hyde, free, coming soon

In the next few weeks I'll be releasing my "Hyde" software application for free. The name "Hyde" comes from the phrase, "Hide Your Desktop", and this simple app does what it says: It hides your desktop and desktop icons, so you don't have to see them any more.

As just one example of how Hyde works, here's an image I just took of my desktop, showing Hyde as the dark area in the background, and the Amazon Kindle e-reader in the foreground:

Amazon Kindle e-Reader with Hyde
(click for a larger image)

You can easily change the colors of the Hyde "desktop curtain", as I've done in this example to match the Kindle reader colors.

I like Hyde because it eliminates all the distractions and clutter of the desktop, and lets you focus on your foreground application, which in this case is an eBook in the Kindle reader.