PHP installation error - unable to install php5 - configure: error: libjpeg.(a|so) not found

I ran into this error message today when trying to install PHP 5.2.x on a CentOS Linux server:

unable to install php5 - configure: error: libjpeg.(a|so) not found.

Actually, although I wrote "install" above, I was trying to run the PHP configure script when I got that PHP error message. (configure is the command you run before you run the make or make install commands.)

The Drupal Diaries, Day 3

As a few thousand people saw earlier this morning, Day 3 of the conversion to Drupal was filled with a little comedy. First, I ran into a MySQL "can't create/write to file" error message caused by not having the open-files-limit cranked up high enough.

Where to save your custom MacOS AppleScript programs

I was just working on a new AppleScript program on my Mac, when I had to remember where to install my script so I could access it from the Mac menu bar.

After digging around I saw that I installed all of my original scripts in this Mac folder:


I think I did this so my scripts would appear near the top of the list of available AppleScript programs, as shown in the following figure:

Is there a package manager for PHP?

PHP FAQ: Is there a package manager for PHP?

Answer: Yes, PEAR (the PHP Extension and Application Repository) is what you need. As the website describes it, "PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components."

Here's an example of how I used PEAR to install the HTTP_Request library, showing both what I typed, and the output from PEAR as it performed the installation.

How to delete/uninstall iPhone apps (iOS 11)

Table of Contents1 - Short summary: How to delete an iPhone app2 - How to delete/uninstall an iPhone app (iPhone application)3 - What can go wrong4 - Deleting iPhone apps from iTunes5 - How to delete iPhone apps in a “waiting” state

iPhone/iOS FAQ: How do I delete/remove/uninstall iPhone applications?

When I learned how to move iPhone app icons around, I also learned how to remove iPhone apps. Here’s a short tutorial on how to delete iPhone apps.

Mac Open Source - the Fink command

Recently I started using Fink on Mac OS X to install Unix open source software. Fink is easy to use, and simplifies the process of installing open source software applications on Mac OS X.

To learn about how to use Fink, just open a Terminal window and type this command:

fink --help

That brings up the following help text (the fink man page):

Glimpse and Cygwin - how to install Glimpse under Cygwin on Windows

Over the weekend I downloaded and installed the Glimpse search utility on my Windows laptop. Actually, what I'm doing is running glimpse under Cygwin. Because glimpse is generally just available as a source code distribution, I looked around and found a reference to a user who installed it under Cygwin. With that as my encouragement, I downloaded the glimpse source code and had at it.