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How to determine if your Java application is running on Mac OS X

If you're developing a Swing/Java application to run on multiple platforms, at some point you'll probably have to make some tweaks for each operating system. Yes, there are differences in Swing behavior between Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows, and you'll want to account for those.

An operating system for all

Well Steve, it's taken seven years, but it's finally come true.

Seven years ago I stood on a stage, taking random questions from an audience, when someone asked what I thought of the new operating system from Apple, Mac OS X. I said "It will be the first operating system my mother and I will both be able to use and enjoy."

This week, when my mom (and my sister and nieces) open the Christmas present shown below -- an entry level iMac -- that statement will finally come true.

The case for the GoogleOS (part 5)

MS fights back

The next step in this chess match is that MS won't take this lying down. On the Office front I don't think they can do much to fight back. Office applications should be a commodity -- they ran out of good new features years ago. ("Ribbon", anyone?)

The case for the GoogleOS (part 4)

Going after Windows and Office

In the business world I prefer being aggressive, and if someone is coming after me, I in turn am going to go after them -- but only if I think I can win the battle. So that becomes the question, can Google win this battle?

The case for the GoogleOS (part 3)

MS: The ultimate guard dog

Throughout their history MS has always acted like the ultimate guard dog. Not only do they protect their own territory (operating systems, applications, development tools), they also protect anything in their neighborhood. They're a little like this:

The case for the GoogleOS (part 2)

Aren't the Google Apps enough?

Next question: Why should Google create an operating system? Isn't it enough for them to create their own suite of Office applications (Google Apps) as a replacement for MS Office? Why get into the operating system battle?

The case for the GoogleOS (part 1)


After reading this article by John C. Dvorak, I can start buying into the need for Google to create their own operating system, aka, the GoogleOS. More specifically, the OS should be a binary-compatible replacement for Microsoft (MS) Windows.

How to print all the Java system properties

The other day, when I was trying to compile all the Tame Swing examples, I had a problem running one of the examples. The problem was that I was running the example in Eclipse, and I was getting an error message showing the Eclipse (the JVM really) couldn't find the icon image files.