iPhone copy and paste: How to copy and paste with iOS alvin July 13, 2009 - 1:08pm

iPhone FAQ: How do I copy and paste on the iPhone, iPod, or iPad?

With the new Apple iPhone 3.0 operating system, iPhone users can finally copy and paste content. Here's a quick summary of how the iPhone copy/paste feature works.

Software best practice - Don't be a Pigpen developer

A lot of times I'm asked about software best practices, but sometimes it's easier to show a best practice by showing its opposite -- a "worst practice". With that, today I introduce you to a worst practice I call "The Pigpen Developer".

Apple's willingness to ship an incomplete product

An amazing thing to me about Apple is their willingness to ship an incomplete product. The one negative thing that stands out for me on the iPhone 3G is that I can't copy-and-paste between applications -- and the software is currently on version 2.0.1!