A Kickstarter project for SARAH

SARAH is a speech interaction application for Mac OS X computers. It's a little like Siri for the Mac, though it's more limited in some ways, but also more open than Siri. It's open source, and developers can create plugins for SARAH.

I've received a lot of emails about SARAH since I first created it, so, in short, I decided to create a Kickstarter project to see if people would like to have SARAH created as a simple, easy to install Mac OS X application. (This will require several months of full-time development and testing.)

Here's a link to the Kickstarter project:

Kelly Kingman captured the 2013 Buddhist Geeks Conference talks

An artist named Kelly Kingman did a wonderful job of capturing the 2013 Buddhist Geeks Conference talks. I’ve never seen anything like that, and they are a wonderful way of visually capturing a talk. (Sadly, my phone camera is messed up, and I don’t have any higher-resolution images than this, so I hope some other geeks will post their photos over time.)

SARAH, a Mac OS X speech interaction app

SARAH ("Sarah") is a speech recognition/interaction application for Mac OS X computers, created by Alvin Alexander. Summary info:

Apple trademarks VoicePass - But it's not for voice passwords

Apple trademarks VoicePass: I just read that Apple has trademarked the phrase "VoicePass" (or "Voice Pass"), and when I first heard the name, I assumed it stood for "Voice Password", meaning you could finally log into your Mac using a voice password instead of a text password. I'll be able to walk up to my computer, say "Soylent green is people", and the system will log me in, just like in the old tv show Millenium.

Mac speech recognition software - How to create custom commands

Mac speech recognition software FAQ: Can I add my own commands to the Mac speech recognition software system, and if so, how?

While the built-in Mac speech recognition software doesn't recognize voices nearly as well as Sphinx-4, it does have one virtue: You can add custom commands to it fairly easily, as long as you don't mind writing a little AppleScript.

The short story is that if you go to this folder:

Mac speech recognition software (a short review)

Mac speech recognition software FAQ: Can you recommend any Mac speech recognition software packages?

Yes I can, but the answer depends on your needs, and whether you are a Mac consumer, or a Mac programmer. Let's take alook at the options.

Mac speech recognition - How I control my iMac with speech recognition

Mac speech recognition software: I just had a fun interaction with my iMac that went a little like this:

Al is standing in kitchen, peeling an avocado. It's a little quiet, so he says, "Computer, play the movie Juno."

The computer says something snarky like "Yes, master" (or in Alaska, "You betcha"). In a few moments the movie begins playing.

Al smiles.

Pure Java speech recognition alvin October 14, 2010 - 2:30pm

Summary: There is a Pure Java speech recognition project named Sphinx-4, which looks very promising. You can easily run their WebStart demo, and recently I've developed my own Java speech recognition app on top of Sphinx-4 to control my Mac OS X system.

So far this looks pretty sweet ... if you're interested in programming with speech recognition, a project named Sphinx-4 provides a Java speech recognizer, i.e., a speech recognition server written entirely in Java.

Mac text to speech - have your Mac read web page text to you

As I keep diving deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole that is the Mac OS X text to speech (voice) capability, I'm reminded that one cool thing you can do is have your Mac OS X system read text to you. Here's a quick example of how to get your Mac to read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to you.