New, free Introduction to Unix and Linux tutorial

After having this on my "wish list" for many years, I finally took the time tonight to regenerate the pages for my "Free Introduction to Unix and Linux tutorial". The old format was just horrible, spread out among 285 small pages, and while this one still needs some work, it's about 1,000 times better than the old format, and comes in weighing only 13 large tutorial pages.

Some of the tutorial material is a little dated now, but these sections are still very relevant to today's Unix/Linux world:

Free Java and OOP training material (pdf)

Several years ago I taught classes on Java programming and Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA/OOD). After using Java training material from other companies for a little while (and being unhappy with their quality and high fees), I decided to write my own Java course material.

Today I'm glad to announce that I'm giving this Java and OOA/OOD training material (150+ pages) away for free -- no registration required. (I always hate it when I have to "register" to get something free, so you'll find no registration forms here.)

Cool: A mass test of brain training

Cool link of the day: The Telegraph reports that millions of people are asked to take part in a mass test of "brain training". As the article states:

Scientists have joined together with the BBC to create what they say will be the largest scientific test of whether machines, such as the Nintendo DS, or even just playing Sudoku, can improve memory and brain power.

Secrets of consulting: Be very good at what you do

This article is now part of my new eBook, which is only $2.99 on

You want me to do what? A Survival Guide for New Consultants

I hope you enjoy my book, and more than that, I hope it helps you have a very profitable and rewarding career.